Initially started on the Ethereum Blockchain, the MillionToken project has been a huge success, getting over 2000% during the first 10days.

A team of developer created a fork of that exact project, with the exact same Smart Contract including a limited supply of 1,000,000 Tokens without the possibility of ever creating more Million Token.

You can find the Million Token on the famous decentralized exchange PancakeSwap, where the starting price is only 1 $BUSD (just as the Ethereum version of this coin was before skyrocketing !):

Official Market Link: MillionToken on PancakeSwap

Official Website Link: Million Token

More information about the coin:

  • Audited and Public BSC Smart Contract
  • Limited supply of 1M coins
  • Every sold coins are backed by 1 $BUSD (The price cant get lower, but only higher).
  • Available on Binance Smart Chain for lowest gas fee ever.
  • 18 Decimals, so when the coin will moon, it will be possible to trade for fractions of a MillionToken.
Official MillionToken logo



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